Reibox has developed a facility that offers to registered Users, over the Internet, an online application enabling them easily to control their income and expenditure and to have a clear picture of their financial situation. This primary service is complemented by various utilities, sections and content items and Reibox may at its discretion, and without the need to give prior notification to registered users, modify the content, location and objective of such complementary content.

Please remember that registering with Reibox at you are accepting our General Conditions of Use of the Reibox Service (hereinafter, the "General Conditions of Use"); we recommend that you read them carefully and if you do not agree with them or feel that they may affect your rights, then you should not proceed to sign on.

Reibox reserves the right to wholly or partially modify these General Conditions of Use at any time.


The General Conditions of Use set out in this document regulate Reibox's provision of the Service to its registered users.

Unless otherwise stated, these General Conditions of Use, the Registration Form, Privacy and Data Protection Policy and, as appropriate, Conditions for Web Use, together constitute the contractual relationship between Reibox and the user of the Service (hereinafter, the "User").


2.1. The Service provided by Reibox comprises making available to anyone who registers at, referred to as registered Users (hereafter, the "Users"), a free online tool providing an effortless, easy to use and powerful way to record and control income and expenses and provide a clear picture of the User's financial situation (hereinafter, the "Service").

2.2. Whenever possible and subject to the technical feasibility of so doing, Reibox will advise Users of any updates, modifications or expansions made to the application or software.

2.3. Reibox recognizes the global nature of the Internet and by accepting these General Conditions of Use, the User agrees to observe all local regulations governing online behaviour and what constitutes acceptable content, and specifically to observe all laws that are current and in force relating to the transmission of technical data exported from the User's country of origin, the User's country of residence or any other country where the User is located when using the service.


3.1. In order to use the Service the User must access and register for the Service by entering the required data in the online form.

3.2. The Service must be used in accordance with these General Conditions of Use.

3.3. Reibox recommends that the User either remembers or keeps in a secure and secret place the username and password used during registration, and does not reveal them to third parties.

3.4. Reibox will assume that the Service has been used by the User who owns the user login and the password assigned to said User that was entered into when accessing the service.

3.5. Reibox undertakes to keep the personal data entered by the User in the registration form confidential, both during the validity of the Contract and following its termination, in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Policy published on its Webpage. Reibox recommends that the User carefully reads said Policy prior to agreeing to these General Conditions of Use.

3.6. Once the User has registered on the Website and has accepted the Conditions for Using the Web and the Service, the User may begin to use the Service, recognizing however that Reibox is providing an experimental Beta Test version and that Reibox is not responsible for any errors or problems that are or may become apparent in the Service as a result of incorrect use of the application, unless they arise from any dishonest acts of the User or as a result of force majeure.

3.7. If the User believes that there is any problem in the software or Service resulting from a failure introduced when the software or Service was created, or that the software or Service have caused or may cause any damage or allow any damage to be caused during any of the stages of the software's lifecycle, the User must immediately advise Reibox of such occurrence by sending an email to [email protected]


4.1. Reibox issues to the User a non exclusive and personal license which requires the User to make proper use of the software. Therefore, the User may not issue any licenses for the use of the software, lease or lend the software to third parties or allow any third parties to access the software other than by registering at Neither may the User copy, modify, transmit and/or edit the software without the prior written approval of Reibox, except where such actions are necessary in order to make security copies.

4.2. As previously stated Reibox recognizes that the Service is at an experimental or Beta Test phase which is designed to test the system that is being developed, and to bring together and implement all the improvements that can be made. Therefore, the software and Service which is offered to the User has not been tested under all possible conditions and is not guaranteed as a finished and fully satisfactory system.

Reibox would like to take this opportunity to welcome all those who are using the application and Service during this experimental phase, which allows us to test the system; please help us to continuously improve the application and service so we can make sure that it meets all your needs and expectations, by sending your suggestions and problems by email to [email protected]


5.1. In making the software and the Service available to the User, Reibox guarantees that the Service will be available 80% of the time over each 24 (twenty four) hour period, 365 days per year. Reibox cannot guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Service or that it will be able to remedy all possible errors neither can it guarantee the Service access speed or data transmission speed.

5.2. For the purposes of the previous paragraph, Reibox also waives:

All and any responsibility for the elimination, accuracy, integrity, content, functionality, storage, defective or delayed delivery and/or the availability of any information, material, data, programs or opinions etc. related to or that could be related to the Service.

Any guarantee as to the security, reliability, punctuality and performance of the Service.

Any guarantee as to the information or advice obtained via

Any guarantee as to the services or goods received or advertised through the links contained in

Responsibility for any information or advice received through the links contained in

Any guarantee as to the quality, accuracy, reliability, correction or ethical nature of the data, programs, information or opinions etc. that the User accesses or may access through regardless of their origin.

5.3. Reibox provides the Service "as is" but does not offer to Users any specific or implicit guarantees as to the availability, timeliness, security, reliability, quality, performance, commercial appropriateness or suitability of the Service for any particular purpose, including without limitation, guarantees of marketability, fitness for any particular purpose and guarantees not to infringe any property rights.

5.4. By means of these General Conditions of Use, the User understands and accepts that it downloads and accesses data using the Service at its own discretion and risk. Therefore, the User is solely responsible for any damage or loss of information produced or that may be produced in his system as a result of using the software or Service.

5.5. By accepting these General Conditions of Use, the User assumes sole and exclusive responsibility for any consequences, damage or actions that may result from access to said content as well as their reproduction or divulgation, and holds Reibox harmless from all responsibility with respect to any infractions committed by the User that infringe or may be capable of infringing the rights of other Users or third parties, including without limitation those relating to copyright, brands, patents, confidential information, data protection or any other intellectual or industrial property right.

5.6. Reibox will not be responsible for damages resulting from services or goods received through or advertised on or any other link provided on, or from any information or suggestion received through or advised on any link provided on

5.7. Some states and jurisdictions do not allow guarantees to be excluded and in such cases the preceding clauses will not apply. Additionally, the limited guarantees and responsibilities referred to in the preceding paragraphs will not affect or prejudice any rights enjoyed by the User under legislation in force from time to time.



6.1.1. Reibox will verify information entered by a potential User in said form.

6.1.2. Reibox will advise Users which items of information they are obliged to provide on the registration form on its Webpage and which are optional, for example by using pop ups, placing symbols or asterisks next to the information requested any other similar method.

6.1.3. Reibox will carry out maintenance as appropriate to guarantee the best functionality, Service and access to the Reibox application, without prejudice to these General Conditions of Use.

6.1.4. Reibox may unilaterally and without prior warning to Users improve, modify or cancel the services and/or content of its Website.

6.1.5. Reibox will keep confidential all personal information associated with any User of the Service both during the life of this contract and after it has terminated, and will not sell or transfer the personal data of any Users to any third party companies or individuals without the prior consent of the User in respect of each form that has been completed or as required by law. The Users nevertheless agree and give their consent to Reibox sharing their personal data with other entities that the company works with and/or maintains a strategic relationship with, and such entities will themselves have to protect such User information that is classified as confidential in accordance with this Policy.

6.1.6. Reibox will not be responsible for:

Any actual or potential error or fault in the Service arising as a result of the incorrect use of the application.

Any actual or potential loss or damage incurred by the User as a result of the impossibility of providing the services and/or content the object of these General Conditions of Use as a result of an act of nature, force majeure or other causes for which Reibox is not responsible.

The inadequate functioning of the Service as a result of maintenance or other similar work, incidents affecting international servers or operators, configuration of the User's equipment which is incorrect or defective for the purposes of supporting the essential information systems required for proper use of the service.


6.2.1. The User must connect to and register for the Service by entering the information on the registration form indicated as being required using pop ups, symbols or asterisks next to the information requested o by any other similar method.

6.2.2. The User must advise Reibox of any changes in the information entered in the registration form and will at all times and for all purposes be responsible for the truthfulness of the data provided at the time of registering for the Service.

6.2.3. The User must accept the General Conditions of Use and undertakes at all times to access the Service exclusively via or any other application used by Reibox's public API.

6.2.4. Reibox is designed for managing private accounts that the User may only use for private and personal purposes. The User may not, nor is authorized to use this application for commercial purposes and neither may he re-sell the Service to third parties without Reibox's written permission.


7.1. The Service is free of charge. Reibox nevertheless reserves the right to use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Reibox Free services available to you.

7.2. Reibox reserves the right to offer to the User any new or additional services, which may imply the payment of some consideration by the user to Reibox.

7.3. Reibox may insert any kind of third party advertising on its Website and in the application without the need to give prior notification to Users.


8.1 Reibox may not under any circumstances send to Users any publicity or communications involving selling or any other commercial activities, or any chain emails, without having first been requested or authorized to do so by the User.

8.2 Reibox advises Users that they may stop receiving this type of message by following the instructions provided in each case or by communicating their request by email to [email protected]


9.1. Without prejudice to legislation in force governing Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and Legal Protection of Software and/or computer programs, the user of the Service expressly recognizes and accepts that, even if the Service is withdrawn, the Reibox description, logotype and symbols are registered trademarks owned by Reibox.

9.2. Reibox is the exclusive owner of all rights to exploit said description, logos and symbols and of all pages which support the services and content of and in particular those relating to the appearance (or look and feel), images, colour combinations, logos, graphics and/or drawings of them.

9.3. The User of the Service retains ownership of data entered into the application and data resulting from processing by or use of this Software.


10.1. Reibox undertakes to maintain the maximum level of secrecy in respect of information classified as personal and confidential associated with each User and to which it has access during the execution of the Contract or as a result of its legal relationship with the User.

10.2. In providing its services, Reibox may need to share personal information of individual Users with third parties. Users therefore accept that personal information provided to Reibox during the course of providing the service may be shared between Reibox Group companies and with contractors engaged specifically by Reibox to provide services to Reibox, within the scope of the Company's Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

10.3. Reibox hereby confirms the existence of an automatic data file containing personal data created by and for Reibox and for which Reibox is responsible, enabling Reibox to maintain and manage relationships with Users of the Service, as well as for the purposes of work associated with information provision, training and marketing of the service to potential Users of the Service.

10.4. Reibox hereby advises Users that they can receive help with exercising the right to access, correct, challenge or delete personal data collected by Reibox, if they communicate with Reibox clearly indicating what they want to do in accordance with the Company's Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

10.5 In accepting these General Conditions of Use, Users understand and accept that Reibox must, in accordance with applicable law, provide any data required by any judge, court or other competent authority, in response to any kind of investigation that may take place.


11.1. The User may choose to terminate this Contract at any time by sending an email to [email protected] The email must also indicate the username and password provided by Reibox at the time of registration and must confirm their intention to terminate the contract, and the User must send such communication 15 (fifteen) days in advance of the date on which he wishes the Service to terminate.

11.2. Reibox may terminate this Contract at any time and for any reason, including any breach of any of these General Conditions of Use, by sending an email to that effect to the email address provided by the User when completing the registration form.

11.3. Notwithstanding the termination of the Contract, Reibox will nevertheless keep confidential and ensure the confidentiality of all of the User's personal information, and the User must accept and respect Reibox's own intellectual and industrial property rights.


12.1. Reibox may amend these General Conditions of Use at any time provided always that such amendment is required by the addition of new functionality, characteristics and specifications to the software or the Service. In such event, Reibox will notify the User with a messege box in the home page of the site.

12.2. Any User who does not agree with such amendments or who believes that such amendments to the software or Service negatively affects or may in the future negatively affect them, may terminate this Contract , by sending an email to [email protected] The email must also indicate the username and password provided by Reibox at the time of registration and must confirm their intention to terminate the contract, and the User must send such communication 15 (fifteen) days in advance of the date on which he wishes the Service to terminate.


Reibox may assign its interests in the Contract to any other Reibox Group of Companies and the User will continue using the Service without the need for Reibox to notify the User of such subrogation. By virtue of such subrogation to another Reibox Group Company taking place, the User will be deemed to have accepted it.


14.1 These General Conditions of Use and any Specific Conditions as the case may be, constitute the only, final and entire agreement between the User and Reibox in respect of the Service and the use of the software and the Service and replaces all previous contracts. The User accepts that his use of the Service and the software is not based on any other conditions not specifically included in this text or in the text of the Specific Conditions as applicable.

14.2. Any failure by Reibox to require any User to comply with any of the clauses in this Contract shall not in any way diminish its right to require strict compliance with such clauses in future.

14.3. By accepting these General Conditions of Use for the Service, the User asserts that he is of legal age and has sufficient legal capacity to enter into this Contract. In the event that this is not the case, the User accepts that he is personally responsible for any consequences in accordance with the provisions of any legislation applicable from time to time.

14.4. In the event of any contradiction between these General Conditions of Use and Reibox's Privacy and Personal Data Policy, Reibox's General Conditions of Use shall prevail.

14.5. Under no circumstances shall this Contract be interpreted as conferring any rights or benefits on third parties.


If any of these General Conditions of Use is for any reason declared void, illegal or not applicable by any court of competent jurisdiction, such Condition shall be set aside and considered and as not forming part of Reibox's Conditions of Use.

The rest of Reibox's Conditions of Use shall not be considered as void nor shall the Contract be without effect, and the rest of the conditions shall continue in full force and effect, omitting only those Conditions considered as void, illegal or inapplicable.


The parties agree that any differences that may arise from the interpretation, execution or resolution of any law suits arising from this Contract shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of British Columbia in Vancouver, expressly renouncing any rights to the contrary.